Unlock the Mysteries of The Arcane Society

Have questions about The Arcane Society? Of course you do. It’s only natural. Explore our Frequently Asked Questions below.

What is The Arcane Society?

The Arcane Society is an exclusive book club that is limited to a certain number of members at a time due to the rarity of our books. As a member, you will receive one shipment every two months.

By joining The Arcane Society, you will receive two exclusive editions of books from best-selling fantasy and paranormal romance authors. The books you receive through The Arcane Society are not available anywhere else. Along with your books, you’ll also enjoy exclusive artwork and items related to the book.

Your first payment is charged when you join. Your subscription renews automatically every two months, every six months, or every year, depending on your preference. We also offer gift subscriptions with one-time payments or renewal options.

What’s included in each box?

Each shipment from The Arcane Society includes: 

  • Two Hard Cover Editions available only to Members of The Arcane Society

  • Enamel Pin befitting the collection to mark your initiation as an exclusive Arcane Society Member
  • Art Prints by superb artists available only to Members of The Arcane Society


Members of The Arcane Society also get access to our Members Only Facebook Group: The Inner Sanctum, as well as access to our Members Only Shop featuring Limited Copies of Previous Box Editions that are not available

What types of books are included?

The Arcane Society is the home for fantasy and paranormal romance books. If you are interested in other sub-genres of romance, check out our family of book-loving companies that cover all subgenres of romance, including:

  • Mystic Box
  • Belle Book Box
When can I expect my box?

Your shipment from The Arcane Society Boxes will be transported to the human dimension in the first week of the next delivery month. Boxes are shipped out in February, April, June, August, October, and December. For example, the renewal from February will ship out from end of March to the first week of April.

New orders and cancellations must be completed two days (the 9th) before your renewal date, which is the 11th of the month in which you signed up, and every other month following.

Lift the Veil & Explore Enticing Realms of Magic, Fantasy & the Paranormal

How much does it cost to join The Arcane Society?

Your membership to The Arcane Society is $59.99 billed every two months, plus shipping. Shipping is charged based on your location. Your subscription renews on the 11th of the month, every two months.

All prices are in USD. Foreign exchange, transaction fees, and custom fees may apply to non-US customers.

How much is shipping?

Shipping fees are not included in your subscription fee and differ based on location. Currently we ship to: 

  • United States for $4.99 per box
  • Canada for $19.99 per box
  • UK, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Norway, and Mexico for $34.99 per box

All prices are in USD. Foreign exchange, transaction fees, and custom fees may apply to non-US customers.

If you live in a country not listed above and you would like to join The Arcane Society, please contact us at help@arcanesociety.com with your name and location. We will do our best to determine if we can ship our exclusive boxes to you. 

Please note that if your box is being shipped to an APO/FPO location, there may be significant delays in receiving your order.

What payment options does The Arcane Society accept?

We accept all major credit cards and debit cards.

Do you accept returns?
Unfortunately, we do not accept returns at this time. All Arcane Society purchases, both subscription and shop purchases, are nonrefundable. We do not accept returns or exchanges. Any returns sent to us will not be eligible for a refund.
Can I skip my next shipment?

Yes. Members of The Arcane Society are able to skip at any time. Skips must be done two days before renewal. The box reserved for you as a subscriber will be offered to other customers on the waitlist. Therefore, in order to avoid overselling, un-skipping is not allowed.

Can I cancel my membership?

We are sorry to see you go, but The Arcane Society is not in the business of holding members hostage. You can either skip one shipment or you can cancel your membership.

You can do so at any time by logging into your account on our website. You will still receive any box that you have already paid for prior to your cancellation.

Please note that if you cancel after your renewal date but before your shipping date, there will be a 50% restocking fee.

How do I become a featured author?

At The Arcane Society, we are eager to connect with authors who support our secretive mission of lifting the veil between worlds. If you are interested in being a featured author, please complete this interest form

Please note that our spots are limited as we release six boxes per year with exclusive artwork and design partnerships. Therefore, we cannot accept all authors who apply. However, if you feel the call to apply, follow your inner voice of wisdom. Perhaps The Arcane Society is right for you.